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Ronda Trotman, DMD, LLC
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Meet the Doctor
Dr. Ronda Trotman, DMD
I have been practicing a full scope of general dentistry in the Portland metro area for over 24 years. I attended OHSU School of Dentistry, graduating with High Honors in 1996. I have a 37 year- old daughter, who is a Veterinarian in Chicago, and a 33-year-old, recently married, son here in Portland. Yes, I’m hoping for a grandchild in the next couple of years!

As an avid skier, you will find me either on Mt Hood, or Mt. Bachelor with my husband most weekends once the snow flies. We have 2 beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs that pretty much rule the house. They think they are lap dogs in spite of weighing 84, and 95 lbs. respectively. I have a nice collection of bonsai trees, so the non-winter months I am frequently out on the patio, or in the garden.

As a second- generation dentist, I know how important it is to place patient’s first. I place a very high value on continuing dental education so I can stay current with the best possible techniques and treatment philosophies’ as I care for my patients.

My father practiced dentistry for over 62 years and was an early adopter and leader in improved infection control procedures and techniques. I have been utilizing single-use, protective barriers on frequently touched surfaces for many, many years. What many thought was over-kill years ago, has now become the standard of care, and more important than ever in my office. This additional effort to prevent the spread of disease is critical not only to my patients, but also to my staff. We have added aerosol reduction equipment and continue to seek out the best possible practices to keep everyone safe and healthy. With current concerns regarding COVID-19, our efforts to significantly reduce the risk of cross contamination between patients and staff is critical.

We know that continuing your regular care is critical to your health and we want your experience to be safe and positive. Implementing daily preventative techniques such as effective homecare and good nutrition can reduce the likelihood of needing extensive dental procedures. Our providers and staff are always available to help with any concerns you may have regarding the health of your mouth.

I am fortunate to have a staff that has been with the practice for many years, so many of you will be pleased to find the same smiling faces you have come to know. I look forward to meeting those of you I haven’t met yet.

Quality dental care in a safe and clean environment is what we are about. We look forward to seeing you at your next visit!
Tanasbourne Dental Care Dr Trotman
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Your Cholesterol Also Impacts Your Oral Health
People don't often associate dental health with heart conditions, however, people who suffer from periodontal diseases are at a higher risk of suffering from heart-related problems and strokes. This condition gets even worse with high cholesterol levels and this is why it's important that people with high cholesterol to really pay attention to their oral health.

Periodontal diseases are caused by bacteria, plain and simple. When bacteria enter the bloodstream, it can pose a serious threat to your heart as well as other parts of your body. Whether you suffer from high cholesterol levels or not, maintaining good oral hygiene is extremely important for everyone. Periodontal diseases take a long time to treat and patients with medical conditions could be at a higher risk of multiple complications. Remember, the best defense is a good offense, so attack those germs and bacteria by brushing and flossing regularly!

Three Quick Tips to Make Tooth Pain Easier to Manage
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If you suffer from tooth pain, here are three things that may help alleviate pain temporarily.

Avoid Hot or Cold Foods

Some types of tooth pain are aggravated by extreme temperatures. Avoiding food and drink that is too hot or cold can go a long way towards keeping your pain at a manageable level.

Consider Over the Counter Medications

If your tooth pain it not too severe, you may find that you can manage it using something as simple as Tylenol, Advil, or some other similar painkiller. Of course, keep in mind that pain means something is wrong, so you should not just look for ways to push through the pain. Rather, try to manage it while you wait to get the problem taken care of.

Consider a Mouth Guard at Night

If you suffer from bruxism (the habit of grinding your teeth in your sleep), consider using a mouth guard when you are sleeping. Creating a barrier that reduces teeth grinding can provide significant relief and prevent future damage to your teeth.

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